kingdom of corals uk corals shop logo identity

How identity of our corals shop refers to headquarter in London and UK tradition.

As You know or can guess Kingdom Of Corals is based in London in UK, and we are corals shop. This information was fundamental in creating process of our visual identity. It was very important for us to communicate simple and stay original and elegant in every distribution channels as Facebook and Instagram or else. […]

Corals shop based in UK

New corals shop based in UK is finally lauched!

Who we are? Kingdom of Corals is not just another new shop based in UK, more precisely we are based in London. We are new aquaculture facility started by aquarium hobbyists in 2019, specializing in SPS, Mushrooms, and Zoanthids, we pride ourselves in seeking out and finding the rarest corals in the saltwater aquarium trade […]