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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

What about shipping?

Price Rate:
UK  –   £15, Free delivery from £300
Zone 1* (Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland) – From  £40
Zone 2* (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal) – From  £60
Zone 3* (The rest countries of Europe) – From  £80

Shipping Day:
After your order is placed, you will get an email confirming the shipping day you required during the checkout process. We ship with a delivery day of tuesday, wednesday 

Currently, we only offer local pickup to select clientele.

What about DOA- Policy?

We guarantee that all of our corals will arrive alive. If, for some reason, a coral does not arrive alive, you must contact us via email, with detailed pictures of the corals inside and outside the bag within 2 hours of the package’s arrival. If you are not present to receive the package on the day of the delivery attempt, this guarantee becomes void. We guarantee live arrival with a signature upon delivery. Someone must be present to sign for the package. We ship all our corals on a before 1pm delivery unless higher priority shipping is selected at the checkout. We cannot be responsible for DOA when the product has been returned to the sorting / parcel office because you were not in to sign for the item.
If there are DOA* corals, we must receive notification of DOA* coral(s) at office@kingdomofcorals.co.uk within four 2 hours of delivery.

Within 2 hours we must receive a clear picture (Photographs must be clear and not blurred or distorted ) of DOA* coral(s). We may request to have the coral skeleton sent back to us. Its also important that any packaging / packaging damage is photographed should a claim against the couriers be required for mishandling our parcels.

Because shipping stress may cause corals to change colours or be damaged, we may ask you to allow a period of time for the coral to come back, and then be evaluated for DOA. Some products such as zoa and acans make take some acclimatization before they fully open please take this into consideration when contacting us regarding a DOA.

Once the box is opened, if you suspect the coral is dead you must email us photographs of the suspected DOA it its bag before you open it. This must be within 2 hours of receiving the delivery Please note that in order to qualify for the live arrival guarantee the above procedures must be followed. Failure to carry out the above procedures will void any claim.

We have listed some guidelines for the acclimatizing of the corals. The DOA guarantee is for live arrival, we cannot be held responsible for the health of the coral once it is added to your aquarium

If we confirm that the coral is DOA we will refund the amount paid for the Coral, please note that postage is not included in the live arrival guarantee and will not be refunded.

How do we pack our corals?

Corals are packed in either plastic containers with screw on lids or triple layer plastic bags depending on the coral. Inside the container, the plugs will be placed into plastic cups to prevent them from moving around. We will use packing nuts and foam inside the box to further ensure that your order doesn’t move. Also depending on the temperature of the destination, we will use ice or heat packs. All corals will also be labeled.

How Do i receive free shipping?

Corals are free shipping on orders £300.00 and up, except for International which is £400.00 and up and without coupons.

How are prices determined?

Prices are determined by availability and demand of polyps. Our wysiwyg pieces are cut and fully healed before we take the picture. All wysiwyg pictures are not a representative picture but is a photo of the actual product you are buying.

What about acclimatising corals?

Acclimatising guidelines

  1. Float the unopened bag in your aquarium for between 20mins – 1 hour with the tank lights off so that the temperature of the water in the bag becomes the same as our aquarium.
  2. Slowly add a small amount of your tank water to the bag every 5 minutes.
  3. When the volume of the water in the bag had doubled it is time to add the coral to your aquarium. Every coral has a preference to waterflow, position and lighting. Please reference our website for the correct environment for the coral.
  4. Carefully remove the coral from the bag trying not to damage the polyps, we recommend holding it by the rock, rubble or frag disc. Place the coral in its desired location.
  5. Don’t worry if the polyps don’t open up by now, some corals can take days to fully settle in, expand and colour up.

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