Corals shop based in UK

New corals shop based in UK is finally lauched!

Who we are? Kingdom of Corals is not just another new shop based in UK, more precisely we are based in London. We are new aquaculture facility started by aquarium hobbyists in 2019, specializing in SPS, Mushrooms, and Zoanthids, we pride ourselves in seeking out and finding the rarest corals in the saltwater aquarium trade by importing as well as by trading with other hobbyists. Our mission is to have the most extensive, unique, and rare collection of saltwater corals in the world.

Finally, we are launched! Is great to be here. So we are starting now new awesome adventure, feel free to browse our site, we have worked hard on it! At the beginning of our adventure we got really nice surprise for You, we decided to put some nice corals on sale, because we care about hobbyists!

We are a 21st century shop, so we are social too. You can find us on Facebook and also on Instagram. Go and check, drop a like and give some love. We will give them some nice surprises for our fans in the future, You just cannot miss that!

Just join our corals shop, we deliver to UK and Europe. You can get free delivery from 300£ in UK and from 400£ in Europe except coupons. I You got any questions feel free to contact us. But please respect Your and our time and just read frequently asked questions before You will send an e-mail. 😉

It was really nice to present You our corals shop and idea behind it, and we really appreciate that You get to this moment of this post, but we don’t have idea… what are You still doing here? Go to the shop, check our awesome stuff! Definitely check our sale, and don’t forget to become our fan in social media!


Best wishes,
Kingdom Of Corals Team

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