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How identity of our corals shop refers to headquarter in London and UK tradition.

As You know or can guess Kingdom Of Corals is based in London in UK, and we are corals shop. This information was fundamental in creating process of our visual identity. It was very important for us to communicate simple and stay original and elegant in every distribution channels as Facebook and Instagram or else.

As You can see at picture above Kingdom Of Corals logo is inspired by the United Kingdom flag. Crown construction is based on triangles, we used diffent colour and corals structure to make shop character stand out. In main logo typography we also used red lines, we don’t need to mention inspiration. 😉

Logo have three variations. Main one is more vertical, two of them are horizontal. Last one is fully horizontal without characteristic lines in typography. As you can see, the shades of colours also refer to the flag. The logo is so British that everybody should guess that we are corals shop, we based in London or UK. Simplicity and clear information was our goal. 😉

We’re using logo in many situations. For example at our products photos You can see watermark with horizontal version of our logo. It is very important for us, because we are making photos of every product in our shop.

The logo will be used in many fields of use, now You can see it at our shop, social media, photos. Next step is to take our identity to physical media, first business card. Another one will be stickers for packs and coupons! But it is not everything. We already have some t-shirts, maybe they will some day will go on sale. It is possible if Kingdom Of Corals community will need them. For now, they are totally exclusive, no one can get them.

What else we can do? There are many possibilities, cups, glasses, bags. This is the melody of the future, we are currently focusing our efforts on honest serving hobbyists and optimizing the work of Kingdom Of Corals.

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